The Africa Goal project would not be possible without the support of generous partners, organisations and individuals. As we prepare for the 2014 campaign, we are again looking for collaboration, help and support in various forms.Page Not Found

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Financial support for technical equipment, materials and travel costs:

All Africa Goal team members are working professionals who have taken time off work to volunteer for the project. None of the team members receives any salary or remuneration for their time or work on the project. However, there are various project costs that need to be covered for Africa Goal 2014 to be realised. Please download the project proposal below for more information.

Partners on the ground:

At every location during the course of the campaign, Africa Goal partners with local organisations to guide the activities and discussion. This participatory approach ensures that the campaign is focused on the specific HIV related issues that are of most relevance to the communities targeted. Please download the project proposal below for more information.

Download the Project Proposal

Africa Goal 2006 and 2010 Parters