Football Trading – Kigoyi’s Maradona

July 10, 2014
Name: Al-Hajji
Age: 10
Location: Kigoyi, Tanzania

Now on our way back to Nairobi, but still keen to continue the football trading arm of the project, we spied a roadside kickaround in Kigoyi and arranged a quick game. Al-Hajji, the 10-year-old who had crafted the ball from plastic and string, was the star of the show, scoring some excellent goals. Clearly his low centre of gravity was a big advantage (at least that’s what we told ourselves…) Al-Hajji was very pleased to receive a One World Futbol in exchange for his ball. The fact that it won’t be punctured by thorns gives him limitless opportunity to improve his skills – a frightening prospect should we revisit Kigoyi on the next trip in 2018.